Joe Dickey's long and varied entertainment career has included thousands of appearances (for almost seven million people) in nightclubs, musical theatre, and churches. He has worked in voice-overs, narrations, infomercials, television, and movies for TV. For over seven years he was a lead singer in "Hallelujah Hollywood", the largest production show in the world, at the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas. He has performed for numerous Fortune 500 companies throughout the country. 

His writing career consists of motivational cassettes, radio spots, lyrics and songs, speeches, special comedy material, scripts for industrial films, grant proposals, and thousands of public television pledge breaks. He has completed two books:  "Stories I've Told More Than Once", and "The Funeral Singer", a romantic, psychic, murder-mystery novel, to be published when he finishes the screenplay script.

A member of Equity, AFTRA, and SAG, his career includes several well-known vocal groups including the Ray Charles Singers and the Doodletown Pipers, The Crew Cuts ("Sh-Boom, Sh-Boom" and "Earth Angel"), and most recently was a member of The Four Preps ("26 Miles Across the Sea).  

He has a degree in Business Administration from Emory University and has lived and worked in Southern California since 1971. He is married to Mary Morrissey, a world-renowned author, speaker, and results expert, and they reside in Coto de Caza, California.

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